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29 years old | New York, New York

Last time online: Today


Seeking a comrad of like mind

48 years old | Charlottesville, Virginia

Last time online: Today


curious about this life

33 years old | Italy, Abbateggio

Last time online: Within 1 day



51 years old | Qatar, Al Kharrarah

Last time online: Within 2 weeks


healthy single male with no children

Io amore italia Italy home of best euro style cuisine in the cooking world.who doesn't love pasta.home of Italo disco and dance music.home of Casanova.I would love to marry me Italian woman for sure.Italian women are Beautiful. Monica Belluci and Sophia Loren who are of Italy's best kept secrets. ...

31 years old | Austell, Georgia

Last time online: Within 2 weeks


Trust me a Jedi I am

My name is Italian, I Love Italian food and Italy is one of the countries I want to visit someday. ...

36 years old | Los Angeles, California

Last time online: Within 2 months


Ehi I'm Italian!

Yeah,I'm Italian since I was born, I'm sorry ...

25 years old | Italy, Brescia

Last time online: Within 2 months



42 years old | Italy, Firenze

Last time online: Within 3 months


WOW - not single anymore.

Parlare Italiano voglio amici italiani ...

50 years old | Tampa St Petersburg, Florida

Last time online: Within 3 months


positive, open minded, indepent, vegan bohemian

25 years old | Cincinnati, Ohio

Last time online: Within 3 months