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Italy-Passions Labs:
Project One - Digging into Italy-Passions

The following sites are the most popular Passions Network sites for Italy-Passions members, listed in order of popularity:

Trans Passions (19.57%)

Romance Passions (17.39%)

Computer Passions (15.94%)

Asia Passions (15.94%)

BDSM Passions (15.58%)

Bisexual Passions (15.58%)

Music Passions (15.22%)

Traveling Passions (14.86%)

Cougar Passions (14.86%)

Shy Passions (14.13%)

Funny Passions (14.13%)

Artist Passions (13.77%)

Webcam Passions (13.04%)

Athletic Passions (12.68%)

Interracial Passions (12.68%)

Nerd Passions (12.32%)

Large Passions (11.96%)

Movies Passions (11.96%)

Nudist Passions (11.96%)

Latin American Passions (11.96%)

Please keep in mind that each member of Italy-Passions is their own individual, with their own personal interests and passions in life. The sites listed above do not neccessarily represent any one person on Italy-Passions, but rather they may give a view into the interests of the Italian community as a whole, especially as Passions Network and Italy-Passions grow.

We plan to add additional projects and data in this area in the future, so check back periodically to see what we're working on.